Micronutrients premixes

Boosting your everyday diet's most essential elements

Micronutrients are a major group of nutrients that our body needs. Though such Micronutrients are required in a very small quantity their impact on health is crutial. The deficiency of Micronutrients can cause visible and dangerous health issues. We need to intake them through food sources because our bodies cannot produce them internally.

One-third of the world population is suffering from Micronutrient deficiency. Most of them, regardless of their age, race or ethnicity, are on the verge of facing serious health issues. Globally staple food fortification is a prominent technique used to address micronutrient deficiency. This technology/process can help deliver foods to millions with rich micronutrients at a subsequently lower cost. At Sigachi Nutrition, we are committed to providing you with easy-to-use ingredient solutions. We offer a variety of minerals, vitamins and nutritionally rich mixes suited to meet your specific nourishment requirements. We aim at producing premixes that meet the highest quality standards.

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