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Encapsulation or Microencapsulation

Encapsulation is the technique of enclosing a core material (Active substance) with a supporting element that protects it from the environment and enables the active substance to be delivered to a specified place.


Spray Drying

It is a single-step method that produces spray-dried items such as newborn formulas, powdered sweets and chocolate soluble in milk for children, adult protein and more.



Granulation is a commonly utilized workflow process technique in which basic particles attach to form bigger homogenous multi-particle entities.



Extrusion is an innovative and promising technology for encapsulating flavours and bioactive substances, due to its durable, feasible approach and highly efficient procedure.



Combination products are prevalent in the nutraceutical and functional food sectors, and the most frequent ingredients are vitamins and minerals, which are often included in the form of a mix.



Trituration is a procedure that assists in the creation of a homogenous mixture of particles from a single or several sources.



Coating is a technique in which a liquid polymer is applied to a product. This layer around the product is uniform to ensure a smooth and equal finish.